Choose & Cut Christmas Trees

Opening 10am Black Friday, 2024

Then 9am-4:30pm on Weekends

Weekdays by Appointment: Call/Text Regan at 715-572-5620

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Tree Varieties

Featuring Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, and Scotch Pine.

We have a great selection of 5-8 ft trees in most varieties.  Tall trees, 9 ft+, may be found, but they require more walking and hunting.  Styles range from neatly trimmed and full, to more open and natural.

Our trees are grown with earth-friendly farming practices using minimal or no fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

Tree Prices

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Fraser Fir (and Fraser X) - $50-60
Balsam - $45-50
Spruce (Blue & Norway) - $40
Pine (White & Scotch) - $40

*Prices for standard size trees, 5'-7'.

Larger trees, 8'-11' may be specially marked, usually $50-70 for taller fir and spruce trees.  Table top trees, 4' and under may be sold at a discounted price.

*Prices listed include sales tax except when using credit cards for purchases.


Handmade wreaths. kissing balls, and boughs are available while supplies last!

Standard Wreaths: $20
Kissing Balls: $25
Bough Bundles: $5

Scenic Land

Explore our unique and beautiful, 109-acre land, featuring Christmas tree fields, forested areas, a river, wildlife, and more.

Walk or Drive

​With walking trails and vehicle access lanes throughout the property, you can choose your own experience...

​Make it easy and drive right to your tree (while conditions allow).  Or if you're seeking the classic experience, go for a long trek over the river and through the woods to find your perfect tree!

Local Gifts

Shop locally sourced goodies, including maple syrup, jams, desserts, Christmas crafts, and more!

Tree Shaking & Wrapping

We offer complimentary tree shaking and bundling (twine) to help you get your tree home with ease.

Weather permitting.

Additionally, we provide bow saws and sleds for the kids.

Hot Beverages & Snacks

Warm up with a complimentary hot drink and snack in our cozy, woodstove-heated cabin.

Charitable Contributions

Each year we donate a portion of all tree sales to a local organization. Past sales have benefited The Salvation Army, Portage County Youth on Ice, Head Start & Redeemer Lutheran Church Holiday baskets, Special Sports / Special Olympics, Hagar House, and Evergreen Community Initiatives (ECI).  We are grateful for your support!

Note: We do not take tips for our services.  If you feel inclined to make a generous contribution, please give to one of our charities (donation jars in our Warming Cabin).